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CNBC Everywhere

One Brand, Many Screens

Recognized as a world leader in business news and global market data, CNBC provides coverage to over 400 million homes worldwide. Yet the brand continues to expand and explore new areas of content on its mission to become the source for “All Things Money.”

This expansion into original video series, documentaries, live events, game shows, and the reality infotainment space in the evenings, also meant an expansion of the CNBC digital ecosystem across multiple platforms and devices.

Customers have come to expect access to their favorite shows anytime, anywhere as well as a consistent experience across devices. Curating and delivering their content seamlessly on multiple screens, serving customers throughout their busy day, and building brand loyalty were the ultimate goals.

Not Just Business As Usual

A Prime Opportunity Across Platforms

Extensive research revealed untapped audience segments with different needs and focus than the typical CNBC viewer. They are entrepreneurs and dreamers who seek advice, instruction, and inspiration. It was a key opportunity for all facets of the organization to synergize and grow. 

This led to the creation of new shows for CNBC's Primetime line up and a millennial-targeted website called CNBC Make It, providing a broad range of inspirational content and advice focused on success, money, work, and life. This site was a perfect vehicle to feature and blend related Primetime show content as well as develop its original digital video series.

Reaching and serving younger, new-to-CNBC, tech-savvy customers meant leveraging CNBC’s unparalleled access to the most successful and influential people in business and utilizing the network's entire digital ecosystem to weave multiple content types together; creating a richer story-telling experience across platforms, and ultimately building brand loyalty with a new audience and generation.

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