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Macy's Live Video Shopping

Bringing the best of real-world shopping to the digital world

Making an investment in the future of e-commerce


In 3 years, video will replace pictures and text descriptions as the dominant driver of e-commerce and digitally influenced sales."

Livestream Video Shopping enables brands, influencers, and Macy's personalities to host events where Customers can explore and purchase products all while getting real-time assistance in an immersive digital environment. ​

Macy’s livestream combines the interactive in-store moments that Customers enjoy while re-imagining a new way of shopping.  ​

  • Influencers or notable personalities that fill the role of the Customer's favorite in-store colleague or personal shopper​​

  • A live chat with reviews, recommendations, and real-time feedback - analogous to shopping with family or trusted friends ​

  • A high-fidelity video format that allows customers to see how items may look on their body or how they might appear in their space ​

The end result is social shopping as entertainment!


Watch Macy's Live Video Shopping



In the latter part of 2021, Macy's Live emerged as a dynamic initiative aimed at injecting interactivity and brand personality into the e-commerce journey. Featuring high-production-value, television-length episodes, the content is strategically rebroadcasted multiple times to ensure maximum reach and impact.

The videos offer a real-time showcase of products, enabling viewers to actively engage through live chat, ask questions, and foster a sense of community with fellow shoppers. A unique feature allows users to seamlessly view Product Detail Pages (PDPs) and add items to their carts while enjoying the show.

The on-air episodes are seamlessly integrated into the homepage through a live-widget, while past content is accessible via the Macy's Live sitelet. The MVP in-app experience was introduced in November 2022, providing users with a convenient and immersive way to engage with the platform.


We worked with an in-house Marketing group to develop a strategy and vision for this new platform. My team was responsible for the UX/UI design for responsive web and iOS / Android apps.


Live Video Shopping was launched on Bloomingdale's web/apps in 2023.