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A Flexible Design System Built for Growth

Strategy & Research

The main goal was to create a mobile first, fully responsive and scalable design system in order to reinforce the premium positioning of and strategically expand its digital footprint.

The process began with a complete audit of the CNBC digital ecosystem; a complex mixture of news, market data, video, global television programming, specials reports, events, and much more served across multiple platforms and products. Extensive customer and internal stakeholder research revealed major problem areas and the need to reimagine the IA, content management system, and tech stack. 

Working with powerhouse agency Code & Theory, the team developed a comprehensive strategy that leveraged a​ new component-based design system and flexible content approach which would empower editorial teams to match the hyperactive news cycle, and curate and package content to better serve loyal customers as well as newcomers from social platforms and search.

A Systemized Look & Feel 

With a new design system came the opportunity to redefine the visual language of the brand and elevate it to a premium look and feel, while retaining the core elements that have defined CNBC for over three decades. The overall aesthetic had to deliver on key brand attributes and be dynamic, trusted, lively, and approachable.  

A refined but bold color palette was introduced as well as the typography pairing of the clean and readable, "Proxima Nova," and the serifed face, "Lyon." Together, these typefaces utilize multiple weights and sizes, creating a clear hierarchy, and accommodating a variety of editorial scenarios, while minimizing eye fatigue on smaller screens.

A Whole That's Greater Than the Sum of its Parts 

The result is a cohesive and consistent system built on a flexible and scalable framework which enables CNBC to continually grow.

Improved foundational elements such as site navigation and taxonomy, along with customer-focused editorial solutions, and a library of responsive components equips CNBC to continue to serve and delight loyal fans and more easily create brand extensions to entice new audiences.

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