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Apple TV Redesign

Elevating the 10-Foot Experience


Surveying the Landscape & Defining a Strategy

After getting to market across key OTT platforms, including Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple tvOS, and Android TV, the team focused on getting beyond table stakes and really delighting CNBC superfans on Connected TVs.

We defined the goals and KPIs, interviewed users, defined personas, and reimagined the experience, and starting with Apple TV, put a focus on the availability of Live TV, user interface and experience enhancements, and simplifying content discovery.

The goals with this experience were to retain and engage our users, increasing time spent, return visits, and brand loyalty.


Start with the Customer

A four-phased approach was used to guide the redesign.


Research & Discovery: Opportunity Assessment, Creating Personas, Competitive Audit, Collaborative Ideation, and Concept Validation


Foundational Design: Map System Flows, IA, Grid, Page Template, Module, and State Definition


Creating a Working Prototype / Testing / Iterating


Hi-fidelity Visual Design and Development


Creating a Prototype


The New CNBC on Apple TV

A game-changer in the OTT product lineup, this new app was architected and built from the ground up on the latest TVOS platform. The design is gorgeous, using subtle gradients and shadows to create a layered effect, and carefully considered typography for the 10' viewing experience.

Introducing a persistent player for always-on playback, improving the launch sequence, and focusing on packaging and curating content created a more compelling, engaging experience for loyal fans and new viewers alike.


Demo of CNBC on Apple TV

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